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Sarasota county sherriff
United States of America

I cannot take it anymore. My life has been hell for 10 years in real life due to a jealous ex of my husbands. She goes out of her way to stalk, ridicule, and taunt my family. Even has gone so far as to make a webpage with MY real name and a photo of me, degrading me in ways I can't even fathom, in return chatting with several ppl and even passing out my home address and asking them to come visit "me". My petition is for stronger laws against such crimes. I tried to file an official complaint myself, and everyone just looks at me like I am nuts becuase its the Internet... but It's not just the Internet, she is effecting my everyday life with her antics. Check out the webage she made, of course everything on it is False, I am a working mother of 4 and the only thing I am interested in is raising my family without conflicts .

We, the undersigned, would like to see stricter laws surrounding Internet stalking.

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