#Children's Rights
US Senate

I am deeply concerned by this famine. When 20 or 30 people die it makes a big headline, but in this recent famine, over 29,000 innocent children have died in Somalia so far and another two million children still need urgent assistance.

I believe that this tragedy is not receiving enough attention and the situation is being forgotten by people. We can't stop tsunami or earthquakes but we can prevent famine, as it is part of a human tragedy. We knew already three months before it started that this famine was coming. Now we are still required to work to prevent their death even months after the headlines have gone.

These children are like our children. The fact that they were born in another continent, doesn't mean that we shouldn't do anything about them. Adults have some choice in their life but children don't have any choice in this situation. They are the silent victims of hunger and need to be supported and have access to the basic human rights of food, health, and shelter until they get to stage that they can make their own decisions in life. It is sad that we have enough food for everyone on the planet; just the problem is that food is not shared appropriately.

I support children's basic right to food.

I support small farmers across the world and want to help provide education and assistance to improve productivity at a community level.

I support fair-trade initiatives including supporting farmer's rights to access local and international markets.

I am asking the US Government to take the lead in solving hunger by putting the victims of famine ahead of business or political concerns.

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