#Local Government
Mayor Dana L. Redd
United States of America

The City of Camden, New Jersey was once an integral part of this nations shipping and manufacturing industry. What was once a place full of production and progress has become the home of violence, drugs, criminals and a general sense of apathy.

Camden has been among the nation's most dangerous cities before recent days. Now, nearly half of our police force and a third of our firefighters are being laid off. How can anyone expect for us to survive an already impossibly dangerous environment with significantly fewer police officers? WE CAN'T!


WE, concerned and informed citizens, implore Mayor Dana L. Redd and Camden City Officials to MAKE IT HAPPEN!! We need positive change. Building the community is great, but it definitely takes a backseat to the safety and health of ALL of Camden's citizens and surrounding communities.

WE NEED OUR POLICE AND FIREFIGHTERS!! IT CAN'T BE LEFT UP TO US!! In a city where few aren't afraid to take up arms, we need to see the change happen from YOU, our elected officials. Listen to your citizens and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

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