Kootney RDCK

Help save the Backfire Cafe! This is a small cafe outside the turn off to Edgewood.

It is also the only place to get actual decent food between Nakusp and Cherryville on a Sunday at 5! And often other times. It is run by a mother and two daughters. It was closed for a bit because the mother had severe medical issues (she actually died a couple times and was brought back), who lives in a tiny trailer behind the cafe during the summer. The daughters are hoping to get through college, not to mention they make rum and butter milkshakes!

Please sign and stop the government from shutting down yet ANOTHER small family business!

We, the undersigned, call on the Kootney RDCK to allow the Backfire Cafe to continue operating at 9328 Hwy 6, Edgewood BC, V0G 1J0.

This cafe is a boon to both tourists travelling through your area, and also to residents, not to mention tax money generated.

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