Loughborough University & Imago
United Kingdom

Schofield also attached special importance to providing residential and
recreational facilities and early in his career he began to provide generously for
both, a tradition which the University has maintained ever since.

As early as 1918, he began to acquire land on the Burleigh Eastate, the large
elevated site to the west of the town of Loughborough, upon which the
University is presently located, land which he used as playing fields and upon
which were erected Rutland and Hazlerigg Halls of residence, the athletics
stadium and sports pavilion, a sports hall, and an open-air swimming pool.

Largely due to Schofield’s encouragement Loughborough College from its early
days acquired a national reputation as a sporting institution and was admitted
to the Universities Athletic Union in 1929.

After all these years of Hazlerigg & Rutland Hall being open to students the
University, with help from Imago, have decided to close the Hall down and
relocate it to a new build on the far side of campus.

Any one who has or is living in this hall does not want this to happen. It is going
to be even more expensive to live in next year and the catered facility removed.

We want as many people to sign up to this petition to show how much we care
about this wonderful hall.

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