Cherry Hill BOE & Governor Christie
United States of America

Governor Christie by taking away our surplus to try to curtail the state deficit of $9 Billion is causing our district to make severe cuts. Elementary Schools possibly will have to cut their programs such as TAG, Instrumental Music, and an increase of class sizes.

Middle Schools will have to cut as well programs such as Advisory, the changing of Athletics to Intramural, as well as Mt.Misery. High Schools will also be affected as programs such as Late Buses,and Class Size increases.

While these programs of POSSIBLE cuts, they are taken right from the powerpoint on the District Website, which gave these as possible cuts.

What signing this petition will do is show the BOE and Governor Christie that we do not appreciate them cutting important programs.

We, the undersigned, encourage the keeping of extracurriculars at all Cherry Hill Schools in place as they help students express them self and relieve their stress out of school.

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