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My name is Joanna Fletcher. I am a British citizen currently studying a Diploma of Nursing at the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE. I graduate from my course in November after eighteen months of study and have loved every minute of my training

After reading all the information and contacting the Dept. of Immigration, I have realised that I am not eligible to apply for permanent residency. This is because my nominated job is not on the skilled occupation list.

Recent media attention about Queensland health during the recent State Election talks about the shortage of nurses. EEN’s are an integral part of the Australian health system. They work in Australian hospitals, Nursing Homes and Health Clinics.

I would like nothing more than to be able to live in Queensland as a part of the community working in a hospital using my Australian qualification to help the people I have come to love.

I have already emailed John Howard, Peter Beattie, Kim Beazley, The Minister for Health and the Minister for Immigration with my problem.

Please sign my petition to get EENs recognised as a skilled profession and help improve Queensland Health by allowing more nurses the chance to do the job they love.

Any letters of support can be sent to --


We, the undersigned, call upon the government and immigration to recognise Endoresed Enrolled Nurses as a skilled profession on the skilled occupations list.

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