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The Goal: To request companies and business owners give to more precedence to military veterans and military retirees during the hiring process and to request the government to come up with an effective employment program for our veterans to assist them as they transition into the workforce.

The Issue: A number of our military vets have put their lives on the line while spending many years being thousands of miles from their family members and working in dangerous and hostile places. Unfortunately, many of our service members are subjected to massive government cutbacks and quite a few of them were given pink slips before they left the field in Afghanistan. Many families have struggled with the transition and have been left devastated with the sudden loss of employment.

The government is continuing to make considerable cutbacks to our armed forces driving many more career military personnel out and back into the workforce. Many of our service men and women have great abilities that would greatly contribute to any job, yet so many are still fighting to find sustainable employment.

The Answer: By putting more pressure on businesses and government, we can hopefully encourage them to come up with a better plan to help our vets find the employment opportunities they need.

Let’s come together and fight to help our veterans find sustainable employment!

We proudly support helping our veterans find sustainable jobs and employment.

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