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This Petition is intended to help Mr. Christopher Pierce #37203 who is mentally Ill and has been denied proper mental health treatment for more than twenty years while incarcerated for a crime he did not commit . In addition, while incarcerated, Mr.Pierce became the victim of a crime.
This Criminal Act was documented by the State Police in August of 2016,Case#16-21-5-0333. (Date of Incident 08-21-2016) . Since that time Mr.Pierce has obtained Legal Defense. Meanwhile, he has been subjected to severe retaliation and torture including being denied mental health treatment. Mr. Pierce by far meets the criteria for being Paroled to his next number so as to be removed from his life sentence after serving thirty two years and at least should be moved to a Federal Facility outside of New Mexico where he can have access to proper and adequate mental health treatment. Mr.Pierce has been in Prison far too long and should be Paroled.

To Whom It May Concern:

Subject: Petition to Parole Christopher Pierce #37203

Representing a group of individuals both Family and long time Friends, let be known we are seeking help for Mr.Christopher Pierce #37203. Our main Objective is to support and recommend that Mr. Christopher Pierce #37203
Who is incarcerated and has served thirty two years time of a Life Sentence for a Crime he did not commit be Paroled. Mr.Pierce, Who indeed refused to accept a Twelve Year Plea Bargain for a Crime he adamantly maintains his Innocence of Committing.
In addition Mr.Pierce is suffering from Mental Illness and as an Inmate doing a Life Sentence he does not have access to programs and treatment that can be beneficial to his condition. If and when, Parole is granted to Mr.Pierce, he will be able to be moved to a Federal Facility which will provide the Mental Health Treatment that he is currently being denied and make available to him the proper treatment and programs that he will need to have as he returns to be a positive member of society.
It is the strong and supportive opinion of Family and Friends that Mr. Pierce can and will be a positive and productive Member of Society once he has been released into the General Public. It should be noted that Mr. Pierce has maintained a Clean and Clear Record while incarcerated. His time involved in Celebrate Recovery, Christian Fellowship and Kairos Prison Ministries since entering into the Prison System is considered by many as stellar.
Along with helping other inmates in Celebrate Recovery from Drug/Substance/Alcohol/Addiction, Mr. Pierce has helped other inmates acquire their G.E.D. certifications and has Tutored many others in College Classes. Mr.Pierce also done and continues to do much Charity Work and gives handcrafted Origami gifts to the Cancer Kids.
Over the years Mr.Pierce has obtained a good reputation with many Prison Staff,Officers and Wardens alike.
It is with great expectation that we Respectfully request any and all help in seeing Mr.Pierce reach a positive outcome in meeting the approval of the New Mexico State Parole Board decision approaching in October 2019. We are very grateful for your Support, Thank You.
Family and Friends in Support of Mr. Christopher Pierce #37203

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