Angelina County
United States of America

A burglary charge can change a person’s life forever. Regardless of the charge or jurisdiction, a burglary charge is serious and will make it hard for anyone accused of burglary to find a job, obtain a residence, and/or even get credit.

A charge of this magnitude can haunt an individual for the rest of h/her life. With this being said I was wrongfully accused of Burglary of Habitation in 2006. In July 2007, I pled guilty to the charge because myself nor my family could afford my lawyer. I currently have a child on the way and is currently looking to join the United States Army. With the seriousness of this case and with me being on probation I can not enlist until I am released from probation.

With a petition I will increase my chances of being let off my deferred adjudication term early and granted permission to leave. Thanks for your cooperation and participation.

Please help me gain access or permission from the judge to release me from probation so I can go fight for our country.

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