Get my parents to buy me a new dog
United States of America

Dogs are great pets. Puppies are absolutely adorable. My family has always loved having animals in the house, especially little furry ones (mainly cats). But we all love dogs. My family isnt sold on getting a new dog but I really think that it would make us all happy. I'm thinking of adopting one from the pound/shelter. I dont support breeding and overcrowding shelters are a huge issue. Putting animals down is very unfair to them. I just wanna help a pup find a home :(

My dog is lonely and really needs a friend while everyone is away working. He's a very good boy and deserves a best friend! I was promised a puppy a long time ago but my family wasn't able to get her because of complicated reasons. Now, about 2 or 3 years later, I'm ready for another try. I wanna go to a shelter and look for a pup there because all dogs deserve a home. I just hope that the dog will get along with my two cats. :)

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