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Avon and Somerset police
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I have had my dog (staffy cross labrador) for 5 years this august, he has a beautiful loving tempermant and has never shown any form of aggression, however, me and my partner was getting ready to go to bed when my front door started to get kicked in, my partner went out to see what the commotion was about and there was a group of arhhound 12-16 lads , they kicked my dog in the face and attacked my boyfriend leaving him with broken ribs, a broken nose, 2 black eyes and severe bruising. He was being attacked by multiple of these lads at the same time and my dog got involved and bit a couple of these lads. They eventually ran off and i got my dog in and rang the police, i locked him in the bathroom whilst the officers was present as he was acting very out of character understandably and barking alot which he never does, there was 9 officers outside the flat and i was waiting for my mum to come and pick us up, i opened the door to see if she had arrived and my dog got out, all the officers immediatly started dispersing in different directions and kylo in a state of confusion panic and distress bit one of the officers on his calf, the bite didn't puncture the officer however it has left slight bruising. They then seized him. He is such a loving dog that is brilliant with children other animals and people and was only protecting his home and his owners for which he should not be punished. Please help me bring my boy home and stop him being put down, no decisions have been made but i would really like to get as much support as i possibly can before it gets to that point. He doesn’t deserve to be taken away from us at such a distressing time let alone having his life taken. Thank you very much in advance.

I am signing this petition to refrain kylo from being destroyed as he was just protecting his home and family and for that shouldn’t be punished.

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