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Medical marijuana should be legalized for its massive health benefits, and nearly nonexistent side effect list. Cannabidiol (CBD), a substance found in indica strains of the marijuana plant, is a nonintoxicating, nonlethal alternative to pharmaceutical medications, which often have side effects such as seizures, stroke, or death. Pharmaceutical medications also have a high substance abuse rate compared to CBD. Yes, you may need more marijuana to have the same effects, but it is humanly impossible to overdose on marijuana. Another reason marijuana should be legalized is because the brain contains cannabinoid receptors from birth. Breast milk contains cannabinoids naturally. Pharmaceutical medications are designed to block specific receptors, and may not always be effective. Marijuana neutralizes those same receptors by telling the brain to shut them down. Marijuana can also activate receptors pertaining to mental illness or other ailments, but only with sativa strains. Please, help end injuries caused by pharmaceutical medications.

We the undersigned petition the Idaho government to modify legislation pertaining to medical marijuana in it's favor. This will decriminalize patients who have chronic pain, seizures, and other physical ailments, and who do not wish to undergo chemical treatment for cancers and tumors. This will make available one more pain management option for patients recovering from surgery, suffering from malpractice, or suffering from cancer and cancer treatment.

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