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D.C.'s AIDS groups care for more patients with less money, even as funds go missing. (Washington Post)

D.C. government allowed widespread waste and mismanagement to overwhelm the city's AIDS services.
(Washington Post)

Go to http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/metro/aids-funding/ for the unbelievable video.

The District of Columbia rates for diagnosed HIV/AIDS individuals are ten time the national average rate.

Yesterday, I watched a highly disturbing video about the rising population of people in DC who are struggling to find homes and the proper care for this disease. I learned that even those patients who had homes were frightened for their lives because one day they may not have that home, and simply living on the streets. Some had children, and some just had themselves.

In this, I also learned that the money that is SUPPOSED to go to these families have somehow become "missing" or spent elsewhere. The communication between the HIV/AIDS organizations and supporters and the donors is untrackable. Mayor Fenty has alot of ideas, but what are the people doing to make sure these organizations and governments are distributing the money to it's proper destination?

This is ridiculous.

We need to do something.

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