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On March 18, 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio, Carl E. Spencer (shown above = inmate picture), brutally murdered 19 year old Sharon (Fish) Skowronsky. Sharon had her husband had just brought home their new little baby boy, Michael, and were excited about being parents. Something Sharon would never realize.
Carl Spencer waited for Sharon's husband to leave for work that fateful day and then came into Sharon's house. While her newborn son was sleeping in the bedroom, Spencer came up from behind Sharon and with an unknown object hit her on the head. As she dropped to her knees, Carl Spencer came up very tight behind Sharon, put his hand over her mouth and while supporting her dazed body, stabbed Sharon at least 10 times. Sharon sustained 7 stab wounds to her torso, and at least 3 wounds on her arms. As Sharon tried to fight for her life and ward off Spencer's cowardly attack from behind, she also sustained multiple defensive cuts on her right hand. Sharon's will to live was strong but she was dazed and getting weaker from losing a lot of blood. Knowing her baby was asleep in the other room. like any mother would do, she fought Spencer with all she had left. At that moment, this coward, this animal, Carl E. Spencer, took his knife and from behind cut Sharon's throat to seal her fate,...... death.
With the help of people that came forward with information, Spencer eventually was caught (approx 8 months after he murdered Sharon). The evidence against him was so overwhelming that he plead guilty to the crime and received 15 years to life, Unfortunately at the time of his crime, Ohio did not have the death penalty in affect. Spencer got so lucky by pleading guilty to his crime (Ohio's Death Penalty was re=instated about a year later). Spencer has come up for parole several times. Each time Sharon's family, friends and concerned citizens have had to relive all the tears, the pain, the fears, and the anger of Sharon's murder. To remember the memory of Sharon, the mother, the daughter, the sister, the friend, we all have pleaded with the Ohio Parole Board each time Carl Spencer has came up for parole.. So far, every time The Board has agreed and denied his parole, keeping this killer off our streets and sending him back to his prison cell.
Spencer has never shown any remorse in all these years for the heinous crime he committed that day.. He has made threats against Sharon's family, friends and witness' that if he ever "got out" he would exact his revenge on them all and no "cop" will get in his way. Inmate Carl E. Spencer (A162275) will come up again for parole in May 2019.. We are asking your help to keep Sharon's murderer in jail for the rest of his natural life (if possible) by signing this petition. Sharon's son grew up without his mother, her mom and dad have spent all these years without a daughter to love, cherish and have fond memories with, her husband lost his wife and all her friends lost a wonderful friend. She can never be returned to those who loved her.
The pain of her death has scarred many over the years. It leaves a hole in your heart that never ever can be filled. So, in the name of Justice, please sign our petition to keep a cold blooded killer, Inmate Carl E Spencer(A162275), in jail where he belongs for this brutal murder. We all thank you for helping us to "Remember the Memory of Sharon" and for helping to continue to get her justice.

We, the undersigned, ask that when the Ohio Parole Board hears Carl E. Spencer's (inmate number A162275) request for release in May 2019 that they deny his request and continue his incarceration for at least another 15 years (or for the rest of his natural life) for the heinous brutal murder of Sharon Skowronsky. Also, we ask the Ohio Parole Board to Deny Spencer's parole to insure the safety of Sharon's family, friends, witness' and the communities they reside in (if he were to be released and allowed to harm them). So say us All !!

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