Armstrong School District
United States of America

Dee Bearce is a great bus driver who is loved by all of her students that she drives to and from West Shamokin and Shannock Elementary schools.

The students of West Shamokin Jr Sr High and Shannock Valley Elementary bus number VL60 would like to keep Dee Bearce as our bus driver. She loves and protects the children she drives to and from school.

On Friday jan 17 the kids were getting off the bus in Sagamore at a stop and everyone knows the kids get off to people they know or whoever is on there list right? Well there was a lady at the stop that no one has ever seen to get these kids I guess was grandma. But she was not ever there to get them and Dee doing her job did not let them off because she did not have the permission or know her.

So Dee made her calls she needed to and the lady went to the window of bus screaming and swearing in front of our children. And they go to ASD and lie about everything and that is why Dee lost her route. Help us get her route back.

The Help Keep Mama Dee's Bus Route petition to Armstrong School District was written by Jennifer and is in the category Employment at GoPetition.