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Michael has served several years off and on in jail for driving on suspended license. Never a DUI nor DWI. NEVER HURT anyone nor destroyed property. No one will take on the courts. He is not a threat to himself nor to anyone else.

He has always been told to "take the plea", so the PD won't have to do any work. His worst offense is trying to keep working two jobs to support his family, and keep a place to live. He has been in work release, home detention, and lock-up off and on for twenty years, because we didn't know who to turn to.

Please help me petition the courts for him. Thank you for your help. Sharon Heuser (Mother)
Any questions , please e-mail me at sharonk365@sbcglobal.net

We, the undersigned, are asking the court to reduce his sentence and take into consideration time served, and to give him a chance to get his license back so he can drive to and from work, and continue being a productive citizen by working.

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