#Animal Rights

Hello my name is Nicola Stokes this is the evidence to support my petition:
1. Pit bulls are often judge by there breed but it's not there fault they are the ones most understood.
2.people think they are brought up to be mean but that's not true they are all brought up to love unconditional just like any other dog
3.these breeds are the most caring and compassionet breed out there
4.All they want to do is show people how much they can love
5. They are very happy and loving dogs all they want is a chace

They have so much good about these breeds but all people see are the bad just because other show them that but if u give them a chance you guys will be amazed on how much they will give ...love a pit bull don't hate them.

Hello my name is Nicola Stokes And I am an animal lover and A owner of 2 Pit bull breeds who are always discriminated on and it's not right what we are trying to do is stop people from judging these breeds because its not there fault and they never asked for anything only to be loved and cared for...

So we are trying to get are message across Canada and even the world that its not OK to hurt a pit bull or any dog for that matter and to stop judging them by there breed you can make any dog mean even a shitzu mean its all how you raise them they are brought up to love unconditionally and they do... so please help us raise 1,000 or more signature to help end BSL and the discrimination of there breed.


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