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I was doing my job and on March 1 2016 I was assaulted while at work. I suffered multuple severe injuries, including a broken nose, dislocated jaw, level 3 concussion, dislocated rib, a torn abdominal wall, and PTSD. Because of WCF and the negligence of their adjusters and doctors my family and I had to endure unnecessary physical and emotional distress. WCF was supposed to be my advocate. Instead they did everything they could to deny me help. Because of the bias, fraud, and unfair treatment, I am starting this petition for the injured so that we can finally get the help we deserve. Make WCF accountable for their actions!

We the undersigned, call on justice for the injured due to a work related accident! We the undersigned call on a fair and unbais trail and elevation of our cases and or injuries. We the undersigned, have been though enough pain and suffering so we the undersigned call on changing the law to have pain and sufferind, and emotional distress added to UT WCF cases. We the undersigned call on the laws to be change so that WCF employers do not have governmental immunity! We the undersigned, need to stand together because together we become strong. We need to be heard, we need them to know that we are still injuried, we the undersigned need to have any secondary injuries recognized due to injuries recieved on the job never being treated fairly by a WCF employee or their affiliates!! If you feel you have been treated biasly, are still injured, or defamed by WCF or any of their affiliates, please let your voice be heard and sign below!!

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