The Honourable President and members of the Senate in Australian Parliament

Current Australian labelling laws don't even allow consumers the opportunity to know the origins of the food they are purchasing and consuming. In fact, in many cases, these laws are less than useless -- they are downright misleading.

Under the current rules you can describe a product as 'Made in Australia' so long as 51% of the value of the product has been 'substantially transformed' in Australia. That includes the packaging, so you could have 'Made in Australia' orange juice with 90% Brazilian concentrate in it. What a joke!

Similarly, Palm Oil -- which is a leading cause of deforestation in South East Asia and the death of Orangutans -- can be labelled as 'Vegetable Oil'. This means consumers have no way of knowing if they are purchasing a sustainable product (as there is sustainable palm oil available).

I believe the current labelling laws are bad news for consumers and even worse for our farmers.

Source - http://www.nickxenophon.com.au/campaigns/food-labelling-scandal/

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows and calls for: Changes to Australian Food Labelling Laws.

Your petitioners ask that the Senate;

The following changes be made to the Australian Food Labelling laws and implemented as Compulsory to all Foods sold in Australia;

1. Foods which are labelled 'Australian Made or Made in Australia' must have 100% of all the ingredients grown on Australian owned farms.

2. Foods containing Vegetable Oils must state the exact kind of oil and if it is palm oil, whether it is sustainable or not.

3. Foods containing Imported & Local ingredients must state which ingredients are imported & where from and which ingredients are locally farmed.

4. Foods must state as to whether they have GMO ingredients or Not by labelling as, GMO FREE or This Product Contains GMO Ingredients.

5. Foods containing Sugar must state, What Type of Sugar is in the product.

6. All Food Labelling must be clearly printed in a font size that is easy to read and not in fine print which is hard to read.

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