Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters Managment
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Black Belt Theatre is a kick-ass Milwaukee (WI) band, and we're into cool shit.
Foo Fighters are pretty cool.
They're playing in Milwaukee at the new Fiserv Forum on Oct 17th. We know how intimidating it can be to come to a strange town and play original music. As a welcoming gesture, Black Belt Theatre is kindly offering to help alleviate some of that pressure, in the form of a 4 1/2 minute opening set of cock-thrusting rock & roll flavor.
We are willing to waive all performance fees. However, we would appreciate it if our full rider is honored - (1) case of Miller Lite, and (4) somewhat clean towels.
If you're a fan of Foo Fighters, help us help them.
Together we can make their visit a bit less daunting.

We, the undersigned, want to see Black Belt Theatre perform a 4 1/2 minute opening set for Foo Fighters at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, WI on October 17th, 2018.

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