#Human Rights
United States of America

Across this country, post pandemic, the homeless are facing corruption in homeless organizations. The organization known as B.E.D.S in Lagrange Illinois is one refusing me aid, after they falsely took action against me ( which I can prove and have witnesses) and now refuse me any further help, my family and I keep calling the H.q but the never answer or respond to messages when they tell us to call them. The police harass me and believe that my claims about the shelter are delusional ( as typical for all victims of homelessness org corruption) I have many skills and talents, but my community turns me down because they think these issues are my fault . I'm at wits end and nobody will even show compassion, everybody hates me, they have helped literally every other homeless person get housing in Lagrange AROUND me... Even the drunks at the train station , who didn't even try, the staff just came to them... and suicide feels like the only way, so I'm asking before that option that ppl please help me fight these evils in order, because I am not the only victim of this organization . Streets can not be clean when the ones sent to help are dirty themselves . Please help me fight for them and myself. We deserve the chance to prove our worth in the world while we're still here.

Thank you

Asking to sign this petition, so that we can CONTACT FEMA (who helps to fund emergency housing to the homeless during post pandemic) to help me with housing opportunities like the other homeless here have already received...
If this can receive the least of 50 signatures FEMA will be contacted immediately.

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