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Today over 22 veterans will take their own lives needlessly due to TBI &PTSD. Treatment exists and is safe and very effective in the form of HBOT. (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) Its actually can and does CURE these issues returning the Veteran in most cases to Pre-combat condition mentally. Increases IQ and more benefits of oxygen based therapy under pressure.

Its being denied to our soldiers and we want this changed. Its criminal to withhold treatment from our troops when it is readily available. We ask that it be placed "ON LABEL" as treatable by HBOT. It currently is not on label.

It was approved in Oklahoma and has had great success returning soldiers to a normal life again. We need it to be part of every returning vets protocol.

It is safe and very effective. Soldiers are being force fed a steady diet of Pain killers, anti Psychotics, muscle relaxers and other drugs that have proven ineffective and in most cases have led to abuse and sadly in some cases Suicide.

In epidemics laws can be passed very quickly. We believe this is an epidemic and this law must be passed immediately to put it ON LABEL today. Every day that passes we lose more young Americans. www.treatnow.org

Dear Senator & Lawmaker,

It has come to our attention that our soldiers are being denied proper care and treatment for the following conditions. TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

To know that there is a treatment that will help these young returning soldiers and our older Veterans from Viet Nam and other engagements and YOU as lawmakers are doing nothing to help them is unthinkable.

Oklahoma has passed it into law that all Veterans suffering from these conditions can be treated with HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). The Russian Army and the Israeli Army REQUIRE combat veterans to do the therapy because it has been proven to Cure Mild TBI and PTSD.

Women who have served are committing suicide at 12 times the rate of males who served. That is unacceptable. We need this law to take place now. In an epidemic, different rules for laws are invoked. I cant think of a bigger epidemic than 22-30 of our best killing themselves while waiting for treatment that will never come. You have the power to change this.

Why are we not allowing this to happen for our soldiers in Iowa?

We have a 6 man facility at University of Iowa Hospitals and its not on their label to treat for these conditions. This in not acceptable and we demand that this be changed into law so that our soldiers and Vets get the proper treatment for these issues.

We expect this to be brought to the senate and passed.

See Oklahoma law re: HBOT Therapy for Veterans, Senate Bill 1604. There is no sane reason why this should not be a law already. We ask that you take care of those who go to war to protect our Country.

22-30 Veterans a day kill themselves because their conditions go untreated. This must be passed into law ASAP.

How long will you wait and how many more will die until its a law? That is up to you.
You were elected to make the changes needed to serve your constituents. We are asking this be fixed immediately as we are losing our brightest and best 22 times a day. Every day that you lawmakers sit on this and do nothing, more die. Will you be a hero for these men and women who sacrificed for you?

Very Respectfully,

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