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This petition is written as an outrage to the constant disrespect to comic book and movie fandom by Bill Maher because he refuses to understand that comic books have the power to change or have an impact on people's lives just the same as any other literature he also loves. There are those whose lives have been saved from suicide because of them and the legacy of Stan Lee as well as others that came before and after him continue to inspire lives to become better people. Stan Lee throughout his life through his work constantly fought the evils of racism and sexism still plagues our society today. While there is unfortunately also toxicity within the fandom as well which also needs to be addressed and dealt with, we cannot forget the dishonor Bill Maher has made to Stan Lee's legacy and the people that are inspired by him. In no way do we wish death or misfortune to come to Mr. Maher or his family but at least look what little empathy he has left in his heart to at least admit he was wrong to some extent and apologize which we believe he'll never do. His actions are without a doubt unforgivable and to his defense he probably doesn't need forgiveness.

We the undersigned, call on Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige to have Bill Mahr's character which appeared in Iron Man 3 to be killed by Thanos during the Decimation which happened during Avengers: Infinity War.

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