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Microsoft Co.
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When the Microsfot X-Box came out in 2001, it was a top seller. More than PS2, and more than Gamecube. It had one of the most popular games, Halo, and it had it's own Hard Disk.

After Nintendo sold big, they decided to make a system called Game Boy. It sold even more than Nintendo. Yes, you all of heard of Game Boy Advance. Well, it has great graphics, and it is portable.

Wouldn't it be nice if Microsoft made a handheld game system? Wouldn't it sell big? It could have great graphics, even better than GBA, and it could have games like, Halo, and Project Gotham Racing, and games like that!It would be the best selling game system of the year! Think about it.

We would like Microsoft to know that kids, and adults all over the world would like a Game Handheld. Made by Microsoft.

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