According to Psychology of Popular Media Culture, Vol 2(4), Oct, 2013. pp. 251-258):
"Students reported, on average, 201 to 300 Facebook friends; spend, on average, 31 min to 2 hr on Facebook per day; and have moderate emotional attachment to Facebook (Table 1). Younger students reported having more Facebook friends and spending more time on Facebook than older students ( Table 1). There were no gender differences in number of Facebook friends, amount of time spent on Facebook, and emotional attachment to Facebook ( ps > .05). "

What if, instead of ads and trending articles on what is popular, we have nothing but facts of information, interactive learning environments, and discussions tailored towards science, technology, religion and philosophy?

Currently facebook serves over 250 million people. At a minimum, that is a grand total of 125 million hours of additional educational material exposure to the users of Facebook. All That knowledge over the course of a single day.

We the people petition Facebook to designate a single day out of the year as "No Ad and Trending Day" or "Knowledge Day" where Facebook will disable all ads and trending posts for the day. In its place will be facts, information, and pages where users can discuss science, technology, religion and philosophy.

This will add an extra of 30 to 2 hours of educational material exposure to the users of Facebook. Time at the 250 million users landmark, is a total of approx. 125 million hours of exposure to educational materials through the interaction of trending posts catered towards breakthrough or new discoveries and facts of information and concise graphs that users will see in place of ads.

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