President George Bush
United States of America

Recently our child was sexually violated by a man here in Van Wert, Oh that had previously victimized at least 6 other children and has been doing this since 1990 and has only been convicted of misdemeanors because of plea bargains.

He has only gotten 3 years prison term on the charges against him from victimizing our son and our son's friend.

We feel that anyone that victimizes a child should get life in prison.

Please help us get this put into law that anyone that victimizes a child gets life in prison.

This petition is to be sent to President Bush so the law can be enacted.

We, the undersigned, say, Life in prison for child molesters.

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The Harsher Punishment for child molesters in the USA petition to President George Bush was written by Roxie Carroll and is in the category Government at GoPetition.