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Warner Brothers

Warner Brother's announced today that the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film would be released July 17th 2009.

Rather than November 21st 2008 release date as previously stated. The trailer was just recently released, and that too stated a November release.

But instead, the date has been changed. The argument being to 'reach a larger audience' and to 'make the movie more sucessful'.

But the most sucessful Harry Potter film is the first one - which was released in November.

So where is their argument?

It is obvious that Warner Brothers have no real care for the Harry Potter fanbase, and are worefully out of order.

We, those who have signed this petion, request that Warner Brother's retract their statement of the change of the release date for the upcoming film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

We request that the release date remained November 21st 2008, and that no further changes be made to this date. Otherwise, the likelihood of Warner Brother's still retaining a faithful fanbase will be nonexistent.

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