Kentucky Legislators

We are a diverse group of Hardin County citizens who have come together in favor of allowing the people of Kentucky to vote on the important issue of expanded gaming.

We are not taking a position in favor or against expanded gaming - our stand is that the people should be allowed to make this important decision, not politicians.

We are proud to have people for and against expanded gaming on our steering committee, as well as people from both political parties and from almost all geographic areas of our county.

This will come down to a vote in the state house and state senate this legislative session. We are encouraging our state legislators, Senator Elizabeth Tori, Representative Jimmie Lee, and Representative Tim Moore, to vote in favor of allowing us to vote on this in the ballot box this November. And we are encouraging you, concerned Hardin County citizens, to contact these legislators and respectfully ask that they allow you to vote on expanded gaming.

Expanded gaming amendment facts:

* People on both sides of the expanded gaming issue support allowing the people to decide.

* With the revenue shortfall in Frankfort, expanded gaming would be a boost to the state economy and the state's coffers. The people should be allowed to decide if expanded gaming is a solution.

* The horse industry in Kentucky is having a hard time competing with tracks in other states who have casinos. If expanded gaming is not passed, we could see tracks leave the state. The people should be allowed to decide if Kentucky should have expanded gaming to help the horse industry.

* Kentucky is losing hundreds of millions of dollars as our citizens go to Indiana casinos and other states. The people should be allowed to decide if Kentucky should have expanded gaming to keep from losing these tax dollars to other states

* In closing, let the people of Kentucky vote. This is a democracy.

As residents of Hardin County, we support allowing the public to vote in a referendum on expanded gaming.

We urge Senator Elizabeth Tori and Representatives Jimmie Lee and Tim Moore to vote in favor of putting the amendment on the ballot. On an issue as important as this, the people should have the right to vote in a public referendum.

Whether you personally support or oppose expanded gaming, please understand that people on both sides of this issue deserve to have their voices heard and their votes counted. Senator Tori and Representatives Lee and Moore, let the people vote!

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