Fuji TV and CTS

We all know that the Manga series created by Hisaya Nakajo is very popular, that's why Fuji Tv and CTS created a television series of this famous manga series.

Actually I know that the television series aired were very much watched in different countries and places. And now I am asking for your kind consideration to create a season 2 of both series.

I just want to ask you to sign the petition, because I know that you love both these series. Even me, I love both of them. I've watched it on crunchyroll and veoh, but I still watch them on television.

I am asking for your kind consideration to sign this petition, so that maybe Fuji TV and CTS might notice this petition, and create a season 2 for both series.

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The Hana Kimi Japan and Taiwan Season 2 petition to Fuji TV and CTS was written by Fatima and is in the category Youth at GoPetition.