#Consumer Affairs
Canaca-Com Inc.
United States of America

July 5, 2005

A quote from HaloGrid.com:

When we released Jump Tactics Spoof Episode 3: Turf I had the movie hosted on our server because no one had seen the movie. I could have submitted the movie to HBO and waited about 5 days for it to pass and be hosted... but we had a great number of people anxiously waiting for the movie to release. So I uploaded the movie to our server.

Now when JT3 hit front page of HIH, our mirror got thousands of downloads that I did not anticipate (seeing as the previous 2 versions weren't too popular). The night I got home from work and checked our bandwidth usage, we were at about 400gb over our limit. By the end of the month we were about 530gb over our limit. Prior to this happening, it was my and Arabian Camel's understanding that the overage fee was 50 cents per extra gigabyte used. We just RECENTLY came to find that they changed their overage fee from 50 cents per gigabyte, to $6.00 per gigabyte used. Arabian Camel received an email with our overage fee balance due which totaled at $3,438.00.

Of course Arabian Came to me telling me the news and we both began thinking of ways to deal with the situation. The first notion that came to mind was the fact that they changed their fees without email or otherwise notice. After he talked to them on the phone for over an hour he told me that in their TOC, they reserve the right to change their fees without prior notice. Basically meaning they were not at fault. Mike W Caizza (Clan Member - Lead Role) said if we couldn't come up with the money he would donate $100, and blackouTT (Clan Member - Lead Role) also offered to start working full-time to send us some money.

Seeing as I barely make it from paycheck to paycheck as it is... it's nearly impossible for me to set aside any more money. In short... none of us have this kind of money in any way, shape, or form.

Unless Canaca-Com Inc either releases all of it's charges against HaloGrid.com, or reduces the charges to $0.50 cents/gig, I vowe to A: NEVER even consider buying webhosting from Canaca; B: Inform relatives and close contacts of this wrongful and unlawful change of fees without notice; C: Inform the webhosting community through WHT (http://www.webhostingtalk.com) of this event; D: Do anything remotely possible to make Canaca's life a living Hell.


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