#Gender Rights and Issues
Minister of Tourism- Irfaan Ali and Minister of Culture, Youth, & Sports- Frank Anthony

Sexual violence is rampant in Guyana. Every year, in community after community, hundreds of Guyanese women and children suffer from rape, abuse, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and other forms of gender based violence. Adding to this tragedy is the fact that in the vast majority of cases, the victims of these heinous crimes do not receive any justice; for example, in 2011 only one rapist was successfully prosecuted.

While there are a variety of factors that contribute to this epidemic of sexual violence, the influence of music and entertainment on shaping societal values and attitudes cannot be discredited.

Individuals who shamelessly abuse children and songs that advocate violence against women help to create a culture where rape, exploitation of children, and violence are seen as ‘normal’. This is not entertaining; as a matter of fact, it’s extremely disturbing. This is not our culture, nor the kind of society we want to live in.

We the undersigned, wish to register our disgust and outrage over the invitation of R. Kelly and Onyan & Burning Flames to Guyana by the Hits and Jams entertainment franchise to perform at the 2013 Jamzone concert.

We are petitioning you- Ministers Anthony and Ali- as holders of portfolios that purport to serve youth, promote cultural activities, and showcase the best of Guyana- to intervene with Hits and Jams Entertainment and demand that these offensive individuals are dropped from the Jamzone lineup.

R. Kelly is a known pedophile and child pornographer who repeatedly exploits underage girls, using his fame and wealth to evade justice. Onyan & Burning Flames is an Antiguan band whose latest song- ‘Kick Een She Back Door’ promotes and glorifies anal rape of women. The lyrics of this song encourage men to forcibly assault women who refuse to have sex with them.

We are calling on you Ministers Anthony and Ali because as government representatives, you have a responsibility to serve the people and to help to shape a society and nation that we can all be proud to call home. When the Ministry of Tourism promotes a concert with a child rapist/pornographer and a band encouraging forced sex and anal rape as the headliners, the message being sent to the Guyanese people is that such behavior is acceptable and worthy of celebrating and emulating. The Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports should also be concerned about the impact on young hearts and minds.

Our youth need better role models than R Kelly and Onyan & Burning Flames. Hits and Jams Entertainment needs to understand that encouraging individuals and groups like these is not in the best interest of Guyanese. We want and deserve better.

Guyanese say no to rape and pedophilia! We don’t want R Kelly nor Onyan & Burning Flames for Jamzone 2013!

The Guyanese say no to rape and pedophilia! We don’t want R Kelly and Onyan & Burning Flames for Jamzone 2013! petition to Minister of Tourism- Irfaan Ali and Minister of Culture, Youth, & Sports- Frank Anthony was written by Sherlina Nageer and is in the category Gender Rights and Issues at GoPetition.