#Children's Rights

We, mothers living in Qatar, would like everyone's helping hand in signing our petition to help make our daily lives a bit easier.

We are asking the newly opened mall, the Gulf Mall, to provide changing tables in both male and female toilets, and a clean and comfortable feeding room for mothers who wish to breastfeed in private.

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Thank you.

At the outset we would like to congratulate you on the opening of the Gulf Mall. It definitely is a lovely mall to visit with family.

We, the undersigned, are asking the management of the new Gulf Mall to arrange for proper amenities for mothers and babies/children such as changing tables and feeding facilities to be available at the mall.

Providing these facilities would ensure minimal disturbance to other visitors, as we are now being forced to change nappies next to the sink, making us and some observers uncomfortable, and some of us have to feed our babies inside the toilets, which is definitely not hygienic.

Surely you would agree that only happy customers would come back to visit your mall. For example, a mall such as Ezdan provides impressive amenities for mothers and babies. Malls such as Ezdan are more preferable between moms because they make their visit to the mall a pleasant one.

I trust you would take up this issue on high priority and make amends to provide the requested facilities. We would also be happy to meet you for further discussion.

Thank you in advance,

The undersigned.

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