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South Africa

Guild Wars 2 features large scale combat in WvWvW where 3 servers/worlds are pitted against each other in a 2 week long battle with hundreds of players playing against each other at the same time, and also includes organized PvP for Clans and Guild looking to enter some serious competition as well as a fully persistent world.

Those features and the improvements in the graphics engine of the game will be detrimental to our enjoyment of the game since playing the original Guild Wars game we get an average ping of 300 - 500 ms delay. The upgraded graphics and sheer scale would most likely make the game unplayable for our community at large.

We normally connect to the UK/EU servers as they allow the best connection speed with the best latency. A set of servers hosted in South Africa would make it more accessible to a lot more people on the African continent and with the upgrades to our communications infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup held during 2010 the speeds and latency would be much better than connecting to international servers.

Therefore we request ArenaNet and/or NCSoft to give attention to our plea and make contact with one of the many fine ISP's or telecom providers in South Africa to negotiate the terms of setting up a server in South Africa at the Data Centres in Johannesburg and/or Cape Town.

We hereby call on all gamers in Africa looking forward to playing Guild Wars 2 to please read this petition and support this initiative.

This petition if successful will not only provide us with servers hosted in South African data centres with better connection speeds and lower latency, but also pave the way for future endeavours of support by international developers and publishers to expand their services and offerings into the southern hemisphere.

This is a petition to request ArenaNet and/or their publisher NCSoft to provide Africa with local servers for their upcoming MMORPG called Guild Wars 2 that are to be hosted in South Africa data centres at either one of our fine ISP's or the major telecom provider for South Africa.

Thank you to those who have signed the petition so far. As for those with the attitude that this petition simply won't be enough; please sign it anyway. There is no harm in trying for change and taking less than a minute to do so, regardless if it works or not. I would say the petition to bring local servers to South Africa for Guild Wars 2 is of great concern to all who wish to enjoy this game fully.

Now please go sign the petition!

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