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Truck Driving in Australia today is in dire need of reform, from log books, road taxes, law enforcement state to state, work conditions and public awareness.

If it wasn't for the Aussie Trucker we wouldn't have fresh fruit, veges, new cars, meat, cotton, Vegemite and our Beer at our finger tips when we want it.

These are the "Professional Drivers" of our highways the family men out there day and night bringing it all home to you. So support them to help make people, the law makers, and the pollies aware of what is happening at the 'coal face' these are Real Issues for these Real Human Beings.

With the each state enforcing their own interpretations of the Log Book Laws, the fines being issued are unbelievable. One starts at the last break and works backwards and one starts where ever they like and don't count breaks so u do your book to suit one state and get booked in another because it's wrong to them.

No one will have a licence soon.

There are many issues lest of all public awareness of a trucks capabilities and what the drivers do.

We the undersigned are showing support for the Australian Truck Driving Industry today in Australia.

The issues are varied and many and NO ONE wants to listen.

• Immediate repeal of the National Fatigue Management laws state by state and one successful model from one of the sates to be used nationally. i.e. go back to the five hour continuous break this worked and there were less log book breaches and less accidents (stats found on the Fed. Transport and Infrastructure website in the Statistics).Federal licence plates, federal law.

• 1 July 2014 CARBON TAX on the Heavy Vehicle Industy in Australia. This will bring small operators, Owner/Drivers to a standstill. Only the big Transport companies will be able to survive this tax there will NO LONGER be the Australian Trucking Industry as we know it today.

• National speed limit for Trucks in 110kmph zones of 105kmph. This also will help reduce carbon emissions.

• Review of road taxes and where it’s being reinvested into the infrastructure.

• Funds made immediately available from both state and Federal governments to complete works on the roads/infrastructure North of Brisbane. Two drivers died together on a notorious black spot at Tinana in July. It shouldn’t of happened.

• Funds made immediately available from both state and Federal governments to complete works on the roads/infrastructure in Northern Western Australia and expedite the completion of the Pacific Highway in 2011.

• Truck Parking Bays, National Audit and consultation with Drivers as to resources /amenities required. Areas are currently being utilised by State Enforcement Authorities and Driver Reviver Stations.

• All Professional Drivers to use logbooks i.e. Local drivers, working 15 -20 hrs a day need to use them.

• Local drivers are on hourly rate not box rate, this is causing them to be pushed.

• Ensure that the drivers of Semi-Trailers have more than 50 hours of experience as we see every night on the highway with the agency drivers.

• Move for a Public Awareness campaign on trucks, their drivers and capabilities, sizes etc. Could be incorporated in a national Defensive Driving push for all car drivers.

• Funding for support agencies directly involved with the Australian Trucking Industry, i.e. Transhelp Foundation, Lights on the Hill and TRUST.

• Move to make Allocators and management in the chain of command actually receive infringements for pushing drivers.

• Change in km rate.

• Make the elections of the ATC transparent and have drivers on the board not just board members of Fox and Toll.

• Minimise the bureaucracy involved in the trucking industry. NTC, ATC, ATA and TWU one should be all that is needed, to much time and money wasted

• Transparency in Union Elections

These are the basic issues facing the industry today, there are many more, but most importantly is to get the Log book law enforcement authorities uniformed throughout Australia and NO CARBON TAX.

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