#Road safety
Cumbria County Council / Highways Agency
United Kingdom

This petitionis a result of very concerned and distressed parents who are now demanding the gritting of the route from Brampton to the school. This petition follows a number of previous requests, all of which have ultimately failed. This failure by the County Council has now resulted in a serious road traffic incident, which put the lives of a mother and her two young boys at risk. The children were trapped in an overturned vehicle which had skidded.

This horrific incident could and should have been avoided through regular gritting. The road is remote, and at best can be described a windy lane with danger hotspots, the road services 70% of the 64 children aged from as young as 3 to 11 who come to school every day. The location of the school requires 95% of parents to drive, of which this route is a priority.

The parents, children and friends of Lanercost Church of England Primary School demand the gritting of ‘The Swartle’ between the school and Brampton.

We need to ensure that our children can travel safely to school every day without the risk of death or serious injury caused by a non-gritted road.

To achieve this the priority status of the ‘The Swartle’ must be upgraded with immediate effect to guarantee that gritting takes place.

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