State Attorney General, Tulsa County District Attorney
United States of America

We are seeking to remove and replace the present board, officers, and staff
1. because of failing its fiduciary responsibility for lack of experience, and personal gain conflicts of interestand purposely not inviting new members to fix the board toavoid the checks and balances obey the bylaws.
2. violating organizations by-laws and laws governing the operation of a non-profit in the state of Oklahoma.
3. Embezzlement and Fraud
4. because of the lack of transparency
5. Board rigging to maintain control
6. Unauthorize sale of Greenwood Chamber Of Commerce property
7. Concealing and /or withholding information pertaining to suicide committed by a former employee.
And seeking prosecution of present and past board of directors, officers, and employees for participating in any criminal activity such as destruction of documents or records, fraud, or embezzlement.
8. board members receiving gifts and favors from other board members and outside interests.
9. Attempted bribery
10. Receiving money under false pretense for membership

We, the undersigned, call on the State Attorney Generals Office to order the present board of the Greenwood Chamber Of Commerce to cease all activity and relinquish control of all records, documents, bank accounts, property, land, buildings, and keys to building and property owned by the Greenwood Chamber Of Commerce or subsidiaries or affiliatesand for all present board and officers and employees resign and allow the former 1973 memberMarion Avanc of the 1973 Non-profit charter of the Greenwood Chamber Of Commerce, Marion Avance PresidentTulsa Black Historical Society totake over and appoint a new board of directors and officers to put the Greenwood Chamber back on its original mission and purpose which is: 1. to be governed by members of the Tulsa Black business community 2. to preserve the legacy of the 100-year-old organization and 3. to continue rebuilding and expanding Black Wallstreet and the Tulsa Black economy.

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