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Greenwood suburb is scheduled for NBN roll-out in Q1 2018. This while many of the residents do not have access to ADSL and have to rely on wireless (4G) services which is costly, has limited data allocation and has speed limits in peak times.

The government website - Mybroadband (mybroadband.communications.gov.au) shows the availability rating for ADSL as A which is believed to be incorrect and that the basis of this data is not clear. This is important as the the NBN.co have been advised by the government to use it as prioritising the roll-out.

The NBN.co has limited the fixed wireless technology to rural areas and this has resulted in many rural areas having much better internet access than people within the metro areas. There are independent ISPs that are providing a fixed wireless technology within metro areas. As at 28 July Western Australia has only benefitted of 10% of the NBN roll-out at 301k premises Ready For Service (RFS) and only 107k premises activated, compared to Australia wide at 2.958mil premises RFS and 1.174mil activated. Further this trend of 40% of premises RFS to activated shows that the NBN is further away for the consumer than the published construction schedule.

The Liberal government's strategy of Fibre to the Node (FTTN) relies on the last leg of the fibre based service on the existing copper network. There is rumoured that in places the copper network does not consist of twisted pair but on basic multi-core cable. Further it is a known fact that across Australia but especially within Greenwood the copper network has deteriorated substantially with collapsed pits, sand filled pits, poor terminations and old/corroded copper infrastructure. If this is true this is going to affect the success of the FTTN based NBN roll-out then older suburbs like Greenwood is going to have further delays in the roll-out schedule.

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We, the undersigned request on the Hon Federal Minister to do the following:
1) Investigate the basis of the information in the rating used in the MyBroadband and independently verify the accuracy of this information. Based on the correct information the NBN roll-out is to re-prioritised.
2) Extend the Fixed Wireless Technology into metro areas to expedite the NBN roll-out to areas scheduled later for a cable based service.
3) Independently (not the NBN, not the government, not Telstra) have the copper network audited/verified from the node (pole) to the premise as to its long term suitability for a FTTN based NBN strategy.

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