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In 1990, Enoch, who is from Africa, was serving as a Domiciled Colonial soldier with a British Air Cavalry unit. The British government operates a program in their former colonies whereby qualified individuals can apply to serve on attachment to the British armed forces and after their service they are returned to their homelands.

Enoch, who is from Zimbabwe, was one of those soldiers and at the time of the Gulf war he was stationed in Germany and had six months left to serve. Although Enoch was not part of the force that was selected to be deployed, he volunteered and served as a pilot in an airborne cavalry squadron throughout the war.

In 1998 at the end of Enoch's reserve duty, Zimbabwe had been taken over by political powers who he had formerly fought against during the war of independence. Seeking a new home, he came to America in the belief that with his history he would be able to find legal status here without any problems. For ten years Enoch has been seeking status in America so far without success.

Please support this petition for Enoch who has surely earned legal residency in the United States.

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