#Residential Disputes
Town Of Oakville

There has been a long debate about the location of the entrance way to the new condominium complex to be built by Daniels LR Corporation.

This complex will house 100 Residential Units at 233 Duskywing Way and its entry way is situated at the southern end of Grayling Drive.

Grayling Drive curb to curb measures approximately 762cm and Duskywing Way measures approximately 767cm.

Grayling Drive has only one sidewalk on the west side of the street and cannot safely handle the obvious increased traffic from both building trucks and the new homeowners of the condominium complex at 233 Duskywing Way.

We, the residents/homeowners of Grayling Drive, call on the Town of Oakville to make Grayling Drive a cul-de-sac and seal off the southern end of the street for the safety of those (especially the children) who live on this street.

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