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Department home affairs , helen zille
South Africa

I'm in urgent need of assistance. I have been given power of attorney, by a good family friend to apply on his behalf for a South African visitors visa, as he is unable to apply in his own country Egypt:

A) due to the political unrest, the South African consulate is not opening regularly;

B) he lives 7 hours away from embassy;

C) he is a paraplegic and is unable to go to embassy.

We have been struggling since the end of February to get his visitors visa, he needs to attend a wedding that has been postponed until his arrival. He couriered via DHL all the necessary documents as per request of DHA, johannesburg:

a) passport with 4 visa photos

b) return flight ticket

c) invitation letter

d) power of attorney

e) full itenary of his 2 week stay

f) proof of residence ( where he will be staying)

g) proof of income ( funds available)

h) full original south african visa application filled and signed by him

I) copy of south african host' id

J) proof of income ( funds available of host)

K) proof of residence ( he will stay with south african host).

As per DHA call centre + DHA website with a power of attorney I will be able to apply on his behalf due to his disability. How ever upon my arrival at DHA Cape town after a 4 hour que. Im only rudely responded to as we don't do visa's in cape town. With a suggestive "but if you willing to pay R5000 it might be able to work".

I work a full time job for a company that has a huge number of clientele, my working hours are mon - sunday 8am -8pm. When do DHA suggest I fly up to Johannesburg to submit the application ( as this is what I have been told to do) and wait 5 days and then fly back. I have approached my employer whom is not willing to do that and give me time off.

I have contacted numerous visa organization e.g. nwis visa, visa pro, visalogix, and each one are given a different reason why this application cannot be approved. We find this discriminating toward my friend with his disabilities, and the lack of compassion home affairs hav e towards people with disabilities, yet hundreds of illegal foreigners daily get entry into our country with out DHA even winking.

My friend is coming to attend a wedding, not to ask for jobs, and government grants, the lack of assistance of DHA of home affairs are putting our government organization's in a very bad light. Its unacceptable, with the lack of service, and qualifications these officials hold that occupy these positions.

I'm disgusted by the corruption within our departments that they openly ask for bribes in order to assist with something that they are actually employed to do.

Therefore im sending you this email, please direct me to someone senior enough and authorized enough to actually assist me and not waste any more of our time. We have started a world wide petition and have so far 6000 signatures of disabled organisation's putting in grievance as per regards to this matter.

I have received no responses, but just copied automated emails saying query are being attended to. Suddenly info on website gets removed but I took screen shots. Please share this with all your friends, its a matter really important to me

I want everybody with a conscience and human compassion to realize the urgent need to get this visa approved to sign this petition and put yourself in my shoes and think how would you react.

Illegal immigrants get daily passports while this man wants to visit for 2 weeks with his own money not taking our jobs or become just another beggar on the street. Help shed some light on the incompetence of home affairs and the lack of human compassion they have for South African citizens.

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