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Epsom and Ewell Borough Council
United Kingdom


Dec 17, 2009

At a full Council meeting on Tuesday, Councillors in support of the campaign to give the Freedom of the Borough to our troops cleared the first hurdle to victory! In order for Freedom of the Borough to be given, a Special Meeting of the Council has to be convened to debate and vote on it. In the face of strong opposition from Residents' Association Councillors, one of whom behaved so disgracefully that parts of his speech had to be officially withdrawn from the record, a vote on whether to hold the meeting was won by a slim margin (16 vs 13).

This meeting will be held in January (date to be confirmed), and will be a debate entirely on the merits of our campaign. Although this is a small success for the campaign, our work doesn't stop there. It is now more important than ever that we convince our Councillors of the strength of feeling on this matter. For the Freedom of the Borough to be granted, two thirds of the Councillors will have to vote for it at the special meeting, so every vote will count.

Please continue to sign the petition, whether online or in person, and let's show the Council what we think of them...


On Tuesday 10 November, the eve of Remembrance Day, the Epsom & Ewell Borough Council voted against offering the Freedom of the Borough to the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment - the local Regiment for Epsom and East Surrey, as well as the Regiment of Johnson Beharry VC.

The suggestion was made by Councillor Sean Sullivan, but was voted down by the Council, with everyone but him voting against it. If passed, it would have offered the Epsom & Ewell residents the chance to support their local troops by allowing them to march through the town when they return from Afghanistan. The full story was covered in the Epsom Guardian -


and has recently been picked up by the Daily Mail -


We hope you will agree when we say this decision beggars belief. Regardless on anyone's thoughts on current conflicts around the world, we don't think that anyone can deny the immense sacrifice and bravery shown by our armed forces, and the need to give them our full support at this time - not least in the days following Remembrance Day. Snubbing our local regiment in this way seems petty and small-minded.

As such, we are setting up this petition, as well as campaigning in Epsom and Ewell, to ask people to sign a petition calling on the Council to overturn their decision and support our local armed forces. Let's show these mean-spirited local and Liberal Councillors just what the local residents of Epsom think of their decision.

Thank you for your support.

Campaign Team
Support Epsom's Local Regiment

We, the undersigned, call on Epsom & Ewell Borough Council to overturn their decision of 10 November 2009, and to grant the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment the Freedom of the Borough of Epsom & Ewell.

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