#Grandparent Visitation
Legislators in Raleigh North Carolina
United States of America

This petition is for grandparents in the state of NC "only" who may be interested in grandparent visitation in the state of NC.

I am trying to locate grandparents in NC who no longer get to visit their grandchildren-and who are willing to go to Raleigh to seek solutions concerning this issue-

Only those of you who are serious about this issue need apply-

Need 300-500 grandparents to go to Raleigh once a month to seek visitation solutions and/or alternatives-
Bill #590-was killed May 13, 2009-

This is a new year and a new time and there are now new faces in the legislative Bldg-

You may contact mollygracestraughn@yahoo.com
If you have any questions-

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