#Local Government
The Mayor of San Jose, Mayor Chuck Reed
United States of America

I believe that San Jose should build a wall for people to Draw Graffiti. I know that they just passed a law with a $200 to $2000 thousand dollar fine or even imprisonment. I'm just asking that they let us express our self’s threw art.

If you build the wall you most likely have less vandalism, even with the law in affect people will still Tag. Here’s a little fact there is a difference between tagging and Graffiti, tagging is not art it is vandalisiom and i agree it is very ugly and most of the time it's gang related, but graffiti isn't graffiti is art and allot of time people think they are the same, those are the closed minded. One more thing before you says it’s not art think of one thing, you most likely couldn't draw that if your life depended on it. So again all I’m asking is that you open a wall or a building so that people can do it. They have it in Venice BeachWestminster Ave, CA, USA.

And I’m sorry about my spelling but I am only 15 and I really want to graffiti but I am the type of kid who doesn't break the rules.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Mayor of San Jose, Chuck Reed to construct a Graffiti Wall in San Jose.

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