Governor Kathleen Babineau-Blanco
United States of America

Dec 28, 2005

This petition urges Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco to call a special session in January 2006to perform the following:

1)Construct with a plan on spending the money recently approved for the Gulf South post Hurricane Katrina;

2)Dismantle the present levee board and creating a new one;

3)Construct a plan to go after Oil and Gas Revenues for Louisiana.

Mississippi's Governor is already in Washington D.C. with his state's recovery plan.

We, the citizens of Louisiana, hereby demand Governor Kathleen Blanco to call a January 2006 Special Legislative Session to dismantle the present Levee Board and enact a new, unified board; the new levee board should be comprised of people experienced in levee operations, dredging and wetlands.

As soon as possible the Governor should produce a credible plan to send to Washington D.C. regarding how Louisiana will spend the federal money alotted for Hurricane Relief; and communicate to Washington D.C. that Louisiana oil and gas revenue money be used to help in coastal restoration.

We hereby insist that all of the above be done at the soonest possible time, without Governor Blanco forming commissions to study these items. We call for immediate action, not delay.

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