#Law Reform
United Kingdom

I have spent all my life living and working with dogs. I know that many cases of cruelty and neglect could be prevented, many dog attacks and dog fights could be avoided with a relatively small amount of education.

We wouldn't allow someone to drive a car without education and licencing however there is no restrictions on the ownership and breeding of dogs, which has left us with rising numbers of them in rescue centers and increased problems with antisocial behaviour and public nuisance. Dogs give us their all, they deserve better.

We, the undersigned, petition government to give our request just and fair consideration. It is proposed the government re-introduce a more policable effective dog license, to be issued for a fee and only upon attending an endorsed training course highlighting the responsibilities and privilege of dog ownership.

It is also hoped this will lead to centrally located and accessible database upon which the dogs with id chips and their license holding owners should be registered to, hopefully leading to a reduction in stray/unwanted pets, and irresponsible/untraceable ownership and anti social behaviour.

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