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South Africa

Schools in south africa are way too strict, they brutalize my culture and I have become a drop out because of south african schools. Okay if they really want I don't mind uniform, but when they start telkling you what to do with your body, piercings, tattoos and body modification is a part of my religion and they should allow that!

Stupid jobs don't employ people just because they have tattoos and piercings, even though the person is a genius, but they rather employ the egg head "normal looking one"! A police lady went to have a talk at our school, she was going on about drugs and sex, I went to ask her about homo sexual rights she told me "only if the person hits you" what a bloody stupid answer! and yet they call south africa a rainbow nation?? when racism is used verbally immediate action is taken place, some people cant get jobs, are mistreated because of their sexuality, piercings, tattoos, way of living.

I think everyone should have a right to live the way they want to!! And get the job if they do well at it not because of how they look! Society in south africa needs to open their disgusting closed little stingey shrivelled up minds and let people like me live, as long as you making my life a misery I'm gonna keep on bothering you.

The schools in south africa are disgusting and unclean, their discipline is like a military, and they are overly controlled and its distinguishing but what they learning is so unadvanced, and that they make afrikaans compulsory otherwise you cant study or have a job if you dont take afrikaans!

I'm not against afrikaans, I just dont wanna be forced to learn it after grade ten, and maths! Schools are too disciplinary and not enough learning, all they learning ias how to pray to some thing that doesn't exist, think a certain way and say "yes mam", and get overworked.

There's alot more to life than school and work, they should learn to be more flexible with homework and hours, we not machines, I know some people can work like machines but others cant! My poor friend who boards at DHS feels so brutalized and controlled he wants to kill himself or run away, he's just not coping! Im a drop out because south african schools suck!

Please sign this petition for acceptance of tattoos, piercings etc. in the school place or work place!

And for homosexuals to get more of a decent life.


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