Against producers of shows and festivals

Awesome bands from other countries almost never comes to places like Brazil, despite being a place where there were huge attendances, like shows of bands like rolling stones(2 million), U2(200 thous), queen(200 thous) and even not so recognized got attendances about 10 thous people, coming to Brazil bring to this bands records of attendances and a great profit.Because Brazilians love music

With Internet's help, fans of some bands get their loved bands to come to Brazil, with on line petitions. And we hope, like them to bring our favorite band to our country.

We had the knowing of a Rock Festival that will take place in Brazil (Wacken Rockz Brazil). And can be also a show out of this festival why not.

The fans of godsmack has a community ("Godsmack Brazil") in orkut (relationship site) that have more than 7,000 members, and all of us want to go to a godsmack's show, and we do have sure of having another fans out of this community.

With Brazilians fans', festival's and producer's we hope Brazil take place of a single godsmack's show.

Brazilian and south americans Fans of Godsmack I claim for you to sign this petition to Bring this awesome band to the Festival Wacken Rockz Brazil.

Thanks godsmack fans.


Fãs Brasileiros e sulamericanos eu peço para vocês assinar essa petição para trazer essa banda incrivel ao Festival Wacken Rockz Brazil.

Obrigado fãs de godsmack.

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