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In the last year I've seen many articles on how athiest and other people are trying to remove god from our lives. I am a christian who see's nothing wrong with god beening used in goverment. The values that the bible teaches are good morals that a goverment like ours should be based on.

So I am calling on all christians and people who believe in what the bible says to unite and protest against these athiest and other organizations and make it legal to say Jesus or God anywhere we may so choose, publicly or otherwise, without people beening able to sue or say that it is unethical.

If u believe that God exists why do u sit back and let people take your beliefs away from you. Its time for us as christians to fight for what we believe.

By signing this we agree that there is nothing wrong with Jesus or God beening mentioned by goverment officals or in government documents or on government property.

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