#Pediatric Cancer Awareness
The National Football League and Nike Inc
United States of America

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The National Football League and Nike Inc., which is the company that designs their uniforms and equipment, has graciously dedicated the month of October to raising breast cancer awareness by making uniforms, gear, and everything pink. This is an incredible effort and the NFL and Nike have brought awareness to a terrible disease.

Unfortunately an equally terrible disease is pediatric cancer. Pediatric cancer is the number one killer of young children in America. Choosing between different forms of cancer is like trying to decide which of your own fingers you would like to cut off. There is no right and wrong decision as to which cancer is “worse” than the other. But, ask any mother or relative of a child that is dying from a terminal form of pediatric cancer and I guarantee the answer would be a resounding “Take my breasts, but let me keep my baby.”

Pediatric cancer research is dangerously underfunded and therefore the hope for a cure or treatment that could help countless sick children is even more far off than anyone would hope. There are many awareness efforts going on, but the research continues at a drip drop pace. Many sick children are being given treatment that was developed in the 1960s… we can do better for them.

The President of the United States of America has proclaimed September National Childhood Cancer Awareness month. This is why we will ask, no, beg, you to wear gold during the month of September 2013 and adorn the entire NFL with it in order to tell everyone that we need help. We need help supporting the research that gives hope to millions of sick children and their entire families. Go Gold!

Anyone that would like to submit a letter, however short or long that will be included with the petition when I send it to the NFL and politicians and EVERYONE in order to try to further convince these people to 'Go Gold!' it would be appreciated. Please either send them to the email address linked to this petition or to anna.tison1@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Go Gold!
Please read www.superty.org for an amazing story about one of the little super heroes that we are fighting for.

We, the undersigned, call on the National Football League and Nike Inc. to wear gold during the month of September, 2013 in order to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and research for treatments.

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